Oklahoma Deer Hunting Laws

Hunters are exempt from orange hunting when hunting: In addition to labeling, all deer and moose must be “checked” within 24 hours of leaving the hunting area using the Oklahoma E-Check system. Hunters can check their crops online at the Oklahoma DWC website, with the Go Outdoor Oklahoma app, or by contacting an authorized department representative. Bear seasons are organized by rifle type and include muzzle loading and archery season. Seasonal dates may also vary depending on the region where you hunt. Bear season is shorter and usually starts in October and ends in November. Antlerless deer can only be captured during firearms season on certain days and in areas open to antlerless harvesting (see Antlerless Deer Areas). Oklahoma`s deer hunting season is organized by gun type and also includes a season for juveniles. Deer hunting season dates may vary depending on the region in which you hunt and the type of firearm used (e.g. firearm or archery equipment). They can also vary depending on the type of deer hunted (i.e. antler or antlerless). Deer season usually starts in October and ends at the end of December. An unfilled deer antler permit can be used to hunt a deer without antlers on the last day of this deer hunting season in areas open to harvesting without antlers.

Possession of wildlife No person shall possess wild birds, animals or other wild animals or parts thereof taken from another person unless the wild bird is accompanied by written information including the participant`s name, address, client identification number or lifetime licence number, date of admission, and the number and species of wild birds, animals or other wildlife. Animals or other wild animals or parts thereof. In addition, information on turkey, bear, deer, moose and antelope must include the location where the game was verified or the online confirmation number. The name and address of the person receiving these wild animals must also appear on the written information. It is illegal for a person to possess meat, head, skin or part of the carcass of wildlife that has not been legally taken. The keeping of wild animals as pets and the sale of wild animals or parts of wild animals are strictly controlled by state and federal laws. During muzzle and/or gun loading season, hunters must respect the limit of no more than four antlerless deer (see Antlerless Deer Areas). If you prefer migratory game birds, especially ducks, Lake Eufaula is a prime area for duck hunting. It covers a whopping 100,000+ acres and is historically one of the best places in the state for duck shooting each year.

It has many surrounding green areas and coves where you can attract your birds. As antlerless deer hunting has declined in recent years, hunters are encouraged to take advantage of the state`s more liberal catch restrictions and more open days for antlerless harvesting. There are several advantages to an additional crop without wood, and the most notable is a more equal male-to-doe ratio. Healthier deer, better hunting, and better antler development start with a more uniform male-to-deer ratio. Deer hunters – head to Osage County along the Kansas border, where Pope & Young records tend to be high and deer populations are strong. There are many private properties and public spaces, including the Osage WMA. These include deer archery, juvenile deer rifle, muzzle magazine, and deer rifle season. Uncompleted deer hunting licences are not valid for other deer hunting seasons. Example: An unfilled muzzle-loading deer driver`s licence is not valid for the deer rifle or woodless holiday season. There are hundreds of thousands of acres of public land in the state of Oklahoma to explore and enjoy. Many of these state-administered areas are open to hunting and contain a variety of habitats and game species. Public hunting areas are designated areas for wildlife management and ensuring hunting and trapping opportunities in the state, including state forests, wildlife management areas (WMAs), and some designated state parks.

A minimum of 400 square inches of clearly visible hunter orange must be worn by all hunters participating in antelope, bear, deer or moose season when using a firearm (firearm or muzzle magazine). Orange clothing must include outer garment worn over the waist and headgear. Big Game Season Hunting Anyone who hunts in open areas during the youth season deer rifle, bear-loading, muzzle-loading rifle, deer rifle, antlerless deer rifle (in open areas), elk rifle (in open areas) or September antelope rifle (in open areas) with a shotgun and a rifled snail, or a rifle or handgun larger than a .22 calibre long rifle, must have a valid bear, hold a deer, elk or antelope licence, unless exempted. Hunters who are not yet certified with their Hunter Training Certificate and who hunt with a learner`s hunting licence must be supervised by an “accompanying hunter”. An accompanying hunter must be at least 18 years of age and hold a hunting licence.

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