Office Superintendent Recruitment Rules

3. Recruitment method, age limit, qualifications, etc. – The recruitment method, age limit, qualifications and other matters related to the position are set out in columns 5 to 13 of the said list. G.S.R. 186.—In the exercise of the powers conferred by section 309 of the Constitution and replacing the Regulations for the Recruitment of the Central Research Institute of Kasauli (Class III and Class IV positions), 1965, insofar as they relate to the office of Office Superintendent, except in respect of matters made or omitted prior to such replacement, The President promulgates the following rules: which regulate the procedure for recruitment for the post of Head of Office of Group B of the Kasauli Central Research Institute under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, namely: – Validity of recruitment rules – Central Excise and Customs Office, New Delhi 1. Short title and beginning. – (1) These rules may be called Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Central Research Institute, Kasauli, Office Manager, (Group “B” Post) Recruitment Rules, 2020. 5. Power to relax. — If the central Government considers it necessary or expedient, it may, for reasons to be specified in writing and in consultation with the Union Civil Service Commission, relax by ordinance the provisions of this Regulation in respect of any class or class of persons.

Establishment of recruitment rules for opinion rapporteur posts in formations submitted by the CBIC. 2. Number of positions, classification and grade in the salary matrix. –The number of jobs, their classification and their classification in the attached grid are indicated in columns 2 to 4 of the list annexed to this Regulation. Development of recruitment rules for the position of Lower Division Clerk -reg Superintendent of Customs (Preventive) Recruitment Rules 2019. Note 1: Staff in the relief category who are in the direct promotion line cannot be considered for appointment to the deputation. Similarly, alternates may not be considered for appointment by promotion. Establishment of recruitment rules for staff (C) vehicle driver positions in the CBIC area Training Letter from the Bureau of the Council | Notification | Opening hours | Draft recruitment rules for Group B positions in the department`s canteens for 30 days on the CBIC website for the Invitation to Comment of the Bureau of the Board of Directors | Notification | Opening hours | 6.

Save. These rules are without prejudice to the reservations, relaxation of the age limit and other concessions to be made in respect of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, ex-servicemen and other special categories of persons, in accordance with the order made from time to time by the Central Government in this regard. In order to change the recruitment status for Dy`s position. Director (Official Language) in CBIC Affiliated and Subordinate Offices Recruitment Rules for Group “A” Officers – | (existing) (proposed) Clarification of LDCE in the Inspector`s Recruitment Rules Framework of the Recruitment Rules for the Position of Principal Private Secretary at the Central Excise and Customs Board of the Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance Amended notification of Group C posts in the CBN | Letter of transmittal (i) Director, Central Research Institute, Kasauli: President Note 3: The maximum age for appointment by delegation is 56 years on the last day of receipt of applications. Announcement of the recruitment regulations for the position of stenographer Gr. I notified in E Gazette of India Forwarding Brief | Notification in the Official Journal Draft recruitment regulations for the post of inspector, stenographer Gr. Me and Assistant Office Manager at CBN under CBIC for comments/opinions/suggestions. Corrigendum published in the Havaldar & Head Havaldar electronic journal for recruitment rules. (i) Bachelor`s degree from a recognized university or institute and motivation letter (328 KB) | Draft notification(412 KB) | Engineer (Hull)(1837 KB) 2.

They enter into force on the day of their publication in the Official Journal. (iv) Commander of the Kasauli Military Hospital or Plenipotentiary Representative: draft recruitment regulations for the post of Supdt. Central Excise, Supdt Customs (Preventive) and Customs Appraiser under CBIC for inviting stakeholders to provide comments within 30 days Letter of transmittal dt. 13-May-2016 Draft recruitment regulations for the position of Supdt. Central excise duty Draft recruitment rules for the customs office (preventive) Draft recruitment rules for the office of the customs inspector. Draft Executive Assistant RRs will be posted on the CBIC website for 30 days to solicit stakeholder feedback. (a) who has contracted or contracted marriage with a person whose spouse lives; or (b) who, because one of the spouses lives, has married or has contracted marriage with another person, is eligible for that office, provided that the Central Government, if it is satisfied that such marriage is permitted by the personal law applicable to that person and the other party to the marriage and that there are other reasons for doing so; exempt any person from the application of this rule. Recruitment rules notified for Group “C” driving positions in the CBIC Letter of transmittal| Notification in the Official Journal Changes to the recruitment rules for the post of Grade III, II Laboratory Assistant and Instrument Manufacturer in the CRCL under CBIC after the introduction of 6. Make the CBD core course mandatory and set parameters to determine trainees` seniority based on their performance in the public service competition, the core course and the Introduction to the IRS (C&CE) training. CBN Inspector and Letter of Transmittal Notices of Rights for the positions of Inspector, DOS and GRI Stenographer at CBN. Recruitment Rules, 2017 for the positions in groups “A” and “B” of the CRCL under the CBIC project as well as the schedule of the position of tax assistant at the CBIC | Transfer Letter Transfer letter with All India seniority list of junior translator and lead translator. (b) have the following qualifications and experience: change of Havaldar to CBIC and notification of letter of transmittal for the position of Havaldar and Chief of Havaldar to CBIC.

Recruitment rules for the position of multi-skilled staff in CBIC field training. Draft rules for the recruitment of personnel of the naval squadron of Group “B” of the Directorate of Logistics. Comments requested on the proposed amendment to the IRS Recruitment Rules (C&CE) 2012 (last submission date 18-Dec-2014). Recruitment rules for the LDC position for the call for stakeholder comments Ad hoc relaxation of existing RRs for the position of Inspector and Executive Assistant within the CBIC. recruitment rules for the position of carter (Group C positions) at the NBB (ii) with six years of service in the grade who, after appointment, regularly occupy positions at grade 5 (file 29200-92300) or equivalent in the parent branch or division; or write hiring rules for multitasking employees Transfer letter| Notification | Schedule. Officials of central or national government or Union territories: letter f.No issued. A.12018/01/2012.AD. IIIB of 14.12.2015 on the subject – GSR notification of recruitment rules for the post of Executive Assistant a) (i) regular exercise of comparable posts in the permanent management or in the higher department; or cover letter (891 KB) | DoPT OM German 13-10.2015(185 KB) Senior Clerk of the Institute Department at Level 4 of the Salary Matrix (Rs. 25500- 81100) with 10 years of regular service in grade; and successful completion of two to four weeks of mandatory training, as required by the Department.

Engineer (Electrical Engineering)(1996 KB) | Engineer (Marine)(1975 KB) | Skipper(2357 KB) Letter of transmittal and RR declared RR declared for the position of staff car driver (special grade) in the CBN corrigendum on recruitment rules for the position of Administrative Officer Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise)Group A, Rules, 2016 Office Superintendent (Group B position) Recruitment rules, 2020: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Central Research Institute, Kasauli ii) Two years of experience in administration and configuration. Recruitment rules for the Assistant Deputy Inspector (weapons) Recruitment rules for the post of Assistant Deputy Inspector (Weapons) Letter of transmittal| Gazette notice. Amendments 0f the recruitment rules for the post of tax assistant in accordance with the letter of the CBIC Gazzete Recruitment rules for the posts of chemical assistant at the CRCL Note 2: The period of deputation, including the duration of the deputation to another ex-executive position held immediately prior to such appointment in the same organisation or another department of central government, should not normally exceed three years. Note: If subordinates who have completed their eligible service or eligible service are considered for promotion, their senior will also be considered, provided they do not perform more than half of that eligible or eligible service, or do not perform the required service for two years, or two years, whichever is less, and have successfully completed their probationary period for promotion to the next grade, with their juniors who have already completed this qualification. Authorization Service. Last Updated: 08-Oct-2022 Best view in 1024 x 768 resolution, Chrome 40. Recruitment rules in Group C Notification of naval personnel Rules for establishing the private security dashboard. Departmental Confirmation Committee of Group “B” (for the examination of confirmation), composed of:-. Recruitment rules for senior translators and junior translators within the CBIC.

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